Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of this app?

We created this app to help travelers connect and make plans. The roammate team is comprised of travel lovers who have all encountered disappointments on their trips when they couldn’t find other travelers to share costs or experiences.

When do I use roammate?

With roammate you can make plans as far ahead as you’d like, or last minute. You can use the app while you are travelling by browsing and posting nearby plans, or you can use the app as you plan your travels by searching and posting in other destinations.

What happens when I mark myself as interested in a plan instead of joining?

When a plan is marked as interested it will be saved in the My Plans feature of the account menu so you can refer back to it at a later time. So if you aren’t sure about a plan you can leave a comment or contact the host first but still find it later. You can also mark plans as interested if you cannot make it to that plan but want to bookmark the information to do a similar plan at another time. For plans with limited space, a slot will not be saved for users who have marked themselves as interested.

How do I get people to join my plans?

There are some tips that can help you get more attendees. Adding a picture catches more attention for users scrolling through. Put in as much detail and specifics as possible about a meet-up location and what attendees should expect to do, see, pay, etc. Users are more inclined to join hosts who have updated their profile regularly, since travel statuses and interests can become outdated quickly. Users are also more likely to join you if you have a profile photo, some referrals, and/or have had people vouch for you.

I have requested to join a plan and haven’t been accepted yet. Now what?

The plan will remain marked as interested for you so that you can refer back to it, but when you are accepted to a plan you will receive a notification. Everyone’s travel style and interests are different, and its possible that some hosts may be particular about who they travel or meet up with. After some time has passed and you feel you aren’t getting accepted to a plan, post a similar plan for yourself to get a new group together instead.

What if I can’t go to a plan anymore that I have already joined or I’m hosting?

As an attendee, you can unjoin or cancel your request to join a plan by viewing more options (the dots) on the plan details page. The host and attendees will be notified but we suggest you let them know personally and with enough time that they can make other arrangements if need be. As a host, you can edit or delete a plan and attendees will be notified, but again we recommend reaching out on the plan chat and letting everyone know.

Why are there different types of group chats?

One type is just a general chat that is created by a user who has added more than one recipient. The other, a plan chat, is automatically created to keep the conversation going between attendees of a plan to discuss things that you may not want to make public such as exact locations, ticket information, personal details, arranging further plans, etc.

What about safety?

We recommend that all users pay attention to the referral and vouching systems and choose to meet people who the community deems as safe. You should always meet at a public place with other people around. We don’t suggest giving out last names or hotel information.

How do I avoid scammers?

For plans that cost money, ask to be paid in person as the host and expect to pay in person as an attendee. Avoid transferring money pre-plan.

Someone left a referral for me that I don’t like. What can I do?

We currently don’t allow for users to delete referrals, so that users can have a stronger and more objective frame of reference when deciding who to meet up with. However, if someone has written a referral about you that you feel is harassment, untrue, or unfair in some way and you believe should be removed, you can dispute the referral and the roammate team will then review to see about taking it down.

A user is sending me unwanted messages. What do I do?

Please report any user who is misusing the platform by promoting their business or by harassing you or making you uncomfortable. With your report we can then refer to our terms and conditions to determine if this user should be warned or removed. With the help of the roammate community we can continually work to keep abuse and misuse off the app.

What if I have a bad experience during the meetups?

Once a plan passes, you will be prompted to leave feedback about the plan that the roammate team will review to see how we can do better in future versions. At this time you can also easily report users who you feel misused the platform. You can also report users at any time from their profiles.

Something isn’t working in the app. What do I do?

Please go to the bottom of the account menu to tell us how we can improve. You can also contact us from here for any general inquiries, comments, or suggestions. We love to hear from our community and listen carefully to figure out how to do better.

I want some notifications but I’m receiving too many. What can I do?

If you go into your account settings you can specify which types of notifications will be sent to your phone as push notifications. The rest will otherwise only be listed in the activity list within the app. For chat notifications, you can mute particular conversations for a selected duration of time by going to the chat details.